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Registration Form

  • owner of the company
  • president/chairman/managing director
  • manager
  • specialist
  • student/trainee
  • other

Interested in

  • infrastructure and investment
  • shipment and logistics
  • finance, consulting and counselling
  • tram and trolleybus transport
  • trade organizations
  • IT telecommunication
  • other
  • tabor pasażerski
  • tabor cargo

Type of business

  • production
  • governmental administration
  • export
  • research
  • service industry
  • finance
  • local government
  • import
  • transport organizer
  • trade
  • trade institutions
  • other

Source of information about the fair

  • invitation from the organizer
  • invitation from an exhibitor
  • advertisement in the media
  • word of mouth
  • meeting during other trade exhibition
  • information from trade/associated institutions
  • other
  • internet

Purpose of visit

  • looking for suppliers
  • looking for innovations
  • market research
  • search for representative
  • sustaining trade contacts
  • participation in seminar or conference
  • visiting the fair prior to making a decision to participate
  • other
  • prywatny

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  • once
  • more than once
  • never

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can I use my e-mail address as my login?
yes, it’s a common practice.

What does the "*" sign next to a text box stand for?
The "*" sign next to a text box means that it must not be left blank.

other registration problem
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